Can I learn pole dancing at home?

There will be weekly workshops by some of the best pole dancers in Southern NSW, with the first week being for adults. There will also be live and video class presentations for children ages 8–12.

Are there any other requirements for participation?

The main requirement is to be able to dance! The class is open to people of all abilities. Anyone aged 10 and older is welcome but anyone under the age of 10 requires a parent/teacher/sponsor in order to join.

What is the cost to attend?

The cost is $60 per person and includes access to the dance studio from 4pm to 9pm on a weekly basis (we have the studio on-site).

What will the class be like?

During the class you will learn the basics of pole dancing, dance instruction, pole dance exercises and other techniques through dance class techniques from around the world. These are all taught with the intention of getting you out on the pole and showing you the basics.

How many people can be in the class every week?

There will be between eight and ten people per class.

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Are there any extra costs to be aware of?

There is no additional cost for you to come to the class. However to support the development of the art forms in the city, we have set up a donation box in the studio.

Will there be music?

The class involves a number of songs and dance techniques from around the world to be performed at the beginning and end of the class by the best local pole dancing artists.

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