Can you pole dance if you’re overweight?

Yes, you can.

When did you get into pole dancing?

I was 12. I remember one summer where it rained, and I was running around and dancing by myself. I went to this club in New York. Two girls showed me how to do it. I started doing it and started trying to get booked.

What was your first gig?

I had just moved to New York with my mum after I was born. She was like, “You can do anything, but not pole dance.” I didn’t really like it. I was like, “Oh, I’ll never do that.”

There were lots of boys there.

It was hard, though—they weren’t really into pole at all. They would go home and do it one day. They told me, “You can do it and then come back and we’ll dance and eat, but you’ve got to do it for one of these boys.”

At which club?

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I’ve been to the Bronx, but it was like the same type of place. I started out and then didn’t dance anymore. When I moved to L.A. I didn’t have the opportunity to do it. I knew where I wanted to go and I knew I wanted to get into the business, but I wasn’t happy about something I didn’t really have the ability to do. I was doing it for free and that’s how it is. Now there are pole girls who work and support themselves as much as they can, so I’m happy just to be able to do it.

Did you ever see a pole dance video?

Yes, we did a lot of that. I got my first job when I was 16 at a dance school in the Hamptons. It was a dance class. I’d never touched pole, but it gave me a lot of confidence. Some of the dancers I worked with were on TV or were models. They would get $300 and go on YouTube and put up dance videos or have pole classes or whatever. It gave me so much confidence in myself. I started dancing at 22 and just stuck with it and eventually got a job doing my own thing. I started doing pole at my friends’ houses just trying to stay out of trouble.

What are the perks of pole?

There are lots of perks. People can see you go to the studio and the studio is open as well as the club for your music. It