Why is pole dancing attractive?

It all depends what you’re trying to be. If you’re a dancer, a good pole dancer has a particular look about them that will set them apart from the other dancers. They’ll have a particular skill of movement. They’ll have a particular look of their skin that’s different from that of the other dancers. They’ll have a particular energy that they’re channeling through a certain style of dancing.

We live in a culture of instant gratification. Our culture is very dependent on instant gratification. I’ve got an old video on my laptop where I watch a woman who’s been dancing for ten years. She’s been doing it for ten years and it’s really amazing as a viewer because it’s such a consistent style because she knows the moves and her style is always the same. She knows it and it just happens. The reason the video is so good and so striking to me, I think, is because I’ve just been watching for the last five minutes at full throttle because a bunch of the other dancers in the video aren’t doing the same thing. They’re using the dance to do this and that. It’s not the same thing. It’s the same basic thing. They’re different characters. They use different style of dancing. It sets them apart from everybody else.

I think the ability to be a certain way in what you do and feel confident about you, that can help you break through what the others are doing and make you more valuable to the dancers than people perceive you to be. So what I mean is in addition to having a certain style that the other people are doing in order to get over the fact that I’m not doing the same thing, the other dancers that I’m watching can also feel that they can connect with what the other people are doing; they can be a part of it and have confidence in it.

If you’re a dancer, you want to be a part of this thing that we do. If you’re a dancer who looks like me, you’re a part of this. You can be the best dancer, the best dancer in that town. You get a lot of people who want to be the most talented dancer in that town. You know what I mean? Who wants to be recognized as the most talented in that town? So I’m glad that I can see my own way to be this beautiful, powerful, powerful dancer, even if I’m a stranger who hasn’t danced for a decade, not because I’m a bad dancer but because of the