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I don’t. It’s not a sport, it’s a game. Everybody wants to dance. I don’t know; it sounds dumb, but I’m the greatest. I’m a great athlete. People love me. I don’t do everything, but if I am to pole dance, I’m going to go full speed and go at it. I’m not afraid to lose if it gets me in trouble because that’s what it’s for – it is to challenge yourself and go for it and put yourself in harm’s way.

What was the process of coming to the US Pole Dance Federation?

They were great people. I came there because I’ve been thinking about traveling to the US Pole Dance Federation for a while. They had a program. I just did a program for them. They said to me, “You’re an American. We have a program,” and I was like “OK, I understand. Okay.”

What did they do with you?

They put me in a ring, and I put my pole in front then they just let me go in the middle. I could touch and I could dance around the ring; I was really getting used to pole dancing. They let me go into the ring and I was like, “OK, just dance around.” It was a lot easier for me than it is for everyone. We were doing it in a small area, a lot of smaller corners where I could touch and I could dance and touch around. I had a lot more fun.

Were any mistakes made coming into the US Pole Dance Federation?

Yeah. I didn’t really pay attention there. For a pole dancer to put on a show, you have to go in there with your own unique style and not just be what the judges look at because they’re gonna have a way more limited number of people able to do that.

Do you think these kinds of competitions are beneficial to pole dancing in America?

Absolutely. It’s definitely going to be beneficial in an American setting in which it’s not a big company, a major company that puts out videos. There are no big videos. Nobody has all the shows. With the Pole Dancing USA World Championship, I could really see how this competition could be important. People will watch the videos because at the end of a competition they get a trophy to show and send a message.

Do you want to continue to compete at the US Pole Dance Federation?

I do. I think

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