Does pole dancing make you fit? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

[laughs]. I don’t think it makes you fit, in terms of physical appearance. I think the biggest part is… [thinks]…

…The dancing. The choreography. The whole show is quite danceable. I do feel that because I’ve always liked dancing, the other girls seem to like it as well, too. But I’ve never really done a lot of physical stuff as a dancer. I did a little bit of it after graduating school, but it was never really about that—I just liked the fact that you could actually feel a girl’s muscles. That’s the most important part of dance. But I never really did much in the way of physical contact. I do like that girls could walk up a wall and touch a guy. [laughs]


Q: Do you think girls have a place on the dance scene?

[laughs] I’d say that girls are definitely needed. We certainly need a healthy generation of women, and I think that a lot of these younger girls want to try it and see what it’s like to be a “hot chick.”

Q: If you could have a girl as a date, who would it be?

[laughs] Hmmm… [takes a deep breath] I’d think maybe someone in their 20s—maybe someone who’s been dancing longer, or someone who’s just starting out.

Q: Do you think it would be good for dancers?

I don’t think it’d be good for dancers. We have to be careful that we don’t encourage anybody to start hurting themselves. And that kind of thing usually ends with self-inflicted injuries. We need to be sure that everyone is taking care of themselves, and that these injuries happen in situations that don’t present an easy way to prevent them, rather than just trying to fix the problem.

Q: Do you think some of that violence is because men are taught to be violent on dance mat?

I think it’s partly related to the fact that boys are being given the message that it’s okay to hit girls. I think the whole idea of “slutty” or “naughty” women is just part of that. A lot of the girls who are going to be in this industry are just the type of girls who would want to be in this industry as well.

Q: What would you like your legacy to be?

I’d like one day

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