How do pole dancers get flexible? – Pole Dance Near Me

Some researchers believe that the same part of the body that makes pole dancers so explosive, also makes them very flexible.

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But, you can read more about the unique physiology of pole dancers by reading this article.

How does pole dancing cause osteoarthritis?

Pole dancers have a low risk of osteoarthritis in their bones.

Their joints are flexible throughout their lifetime and as they age, their flexibility makes it possible for them to get injured at the joints, as all joints do.

This is especially true in the pelvis and hip joints, while the knees and ankles are usually relatively more flexible.

Osteoarthritis is also common in wrestlers and boxers who do lots of wrestling and punching, and who may spend too much time on the balls of the feet.

So, even a few years on the floor can cause damage to the body’s joints, and eventually joint problems like arthritis.

Pole dancers do not usually train in the gyms around them, where that same type of joint damage is common. They do not wear special “specialty” mats, and their flexibility helps make them more mobile.

How is pole dancing compared to boxing?

As with most physical activities, pole dancing is different to other sports.

Like most athletes, pole dancers compete in various disciplines, such as:

Heavyweight: (weight class 4 or above)




The heaviest athletes are known as the heavyweights and are known for their heavy movements of the limbs. This is because their legs bend much more than most other athletes.

They also have large muscle groups. The heaviest wrestler moves more in the straight-arm stance than all the rest of the fighters combined.

Boxing is a more competitive sport that involves many more fighters who stand in a much smaller ring. It is the best known sport in the USA as well as Canada because its stars are often celebrities.

Pole dancing is similar to boxing in that, like boxing, a skilled, very strong athlete should always win. The most notable difference is, unlike boxing, there is no rules to the sport, where everyone is equal.

How do I protect myself against injuries?

To keep injured pole dancers safe, one must be especially careful about footwork, stances and movements of the body.

It is important to have good

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