How can I practice dance at home?

You can, for it will give you the perfect excuse to dance in the kitchen! The most important thing in practice is to have fun and find the right balance between technique and rhythm. If that sounds vague, you can read all about it further:

What about dancing on the dance floor?

It is really really difficult to play on the dance floor from a performance distance. There are very specific reasons for this. First, dancing on the dance floor creates awkwardness while moving, and you cannot keep up the tempo and energy level of both your dancers and the audience. Second, you are usually playing in an empty space with very few people around. This causes you to move slower, which may leave a bad impression on the people around you. Third, there is often no room for error; you can’t practice from the front of an audience. You’d then be facing a crowd that can’t hear you and is likely to feel uncomfortable about your music. The last reason is not to mention: it is also completely unprofessional! It is a complete disaster when you are on the dance floor playing with you own music, as the dance floor can become your stage.

In other words, it’s a very frustrating practice experience and you won’t find many good results from it. But I have had some great successes and it is a very fun activity. Some of my favorite lessons that I have conducted in the past is the “Hamburger Drumming Series” or “Kamikaze Drumming Series” and here are a few examples of my own music in these series:

The two pieces “Lucky Numbers” and “Hamburger Drumming Series” use the dance floor extensively as well. They contain a lot of dancing and rhythmical elements, plus some “sophisticated” drumming by the soloists!

If your dancers are not as enthusiastic, or you need a longer time to develop your music, it’s a good idea to practice under the direction of a professional dancer. That is always a pleasure for me to dance under the direction of an experienced dancer.

What if I am feeling good?

This is a question we should never think about. You don’t need to be in great shape in order to have an amazing and fun time in a live performance. The thing is in a live event you must get out of your comfort zone