Is pole dancing the same as stripping?

No. But pole dancing is similar to some other styles of bareback and hardcore sex. But it’s like a different game. For one, the pole is a lot heavier than the guy. A lot of the girls are heavy too and most guys are not. There is a lot of aggression and power. The guy is more vulnerable than if he were doing a blow job. He has a lot more control.

How much of pole dancing did you start doing before this?

In high school I liked to do gay porn and pole dancing came around. I did a few gay porn gigs in high school so I started thinking about how to try this, so I learned pole. After a few years, I got into it full force.

What kind of pole dancers think this makes them look good in bed? What is it like to be with some of these guys and be in public?

Everybody says that the guys that do this are crazy, that they’re crazy and they’re really into it. But when you go to a pole dance you don’t have to be this way to be into it. It’s a little bit different than a blow job or a sex scene because they don’t have to take off their clothes while they do it. I’ve gotten so many comments that all I do is fuck. I don’t have to take off my jeans because I have a dick and I’m fucking anybody who is on top of me.

Do you have any tips for aspiring pole dancers?

If you want to be a pole dancer, don’t just want to get into pole dancing. You should want to be a pole dancer to be into it, to be able to move your body around, to be able to perform, and you better be really good at it. It’s harder to get into it with kids because there is a stigma and a lot of fear. But the guys that do it are really into it. If you follow the steps that I just told you, you don’t have to be really high strung to do it. The pole has the effect of lowering the body. It can be really fun, and a lot of people have really fun. Some pole girls even work at gyms, like a pole studio of some kind, to be able to perform on stage.

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Did you work with any pornstars before you started? Who are some of your favorite performers in the industry?

No. I mean I really liked the girls that did porn