What do pole dancers do?

Pole dancers are pole dancers because their bodies allow for graceful and controlled movement without pain. The most common type of pole dancing is acro-pole dancing, in which the performers walk, then turn and walk the same position, like a traditional acro-dancer, but with poles.

How did you start pole dancing?

My husband and I met at a pole dancing club and ended up in pole dancing. The whole world and culture is about dance and that’s how I got into it.

Why do pole dancers have such a huge following?

It’s a unique type of dance. People are intrigued by the idea of pole dancing. People think it’s unique because it’s not what’s common. But when you think of pole dancing and think of dance, you think of ballet, jazz, hip hop, soul, and country, everything that has been around for so long. And it’s all about getting your balance on the pole, balancing your arms, your face looking at the ground that’s not that far up to you.

What kind of pole dance are you good at?
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I’m not a great dancer yet, but I’m good at the more traditional pole dancing. I’m usually dancing the acro-pole. Sometimes I’ll be in the back with the men. The women aren’t dancing that much, but I’m always in the back. I’ll dance the most extreme acro-pole thing – like a “scratch,” or two arms in each arm. I think it’s like a pole-baring action, and we have it all over. I have my signature moves, like “kick and slide.” In a full-frontal way.

Do you have to wear clothes to pole dance?

That’s the challenge. We dress up for the pole but not for dancing with the men at the club. I usually wear pants. When I was younger, I wore a little bit of dress for me to dance. I went to school, got into dance school. Because I was so tall and skinny, because it wasn’t safe to dance that way. So, I changed back. I started out a little bit with the men because I don’t really fit in with those guys. They don’t believe in that. I would go back to the gym to try and improve my body.

Do you have other hobbies?

I watch sports like basketball and volleyball as well. When I was younger I was a