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Practice pole dancing in the privacy of your own home. All that’s necessary is to have your pole in an appropriate place. It’s also a good idea to get a pole instructor to help show you how to properly hold it. If you want to practice with a partner, you’ll need a pole for that, too.

You can learn pole dancing at the local pole dancing studio. They’ll be able to help you learn the basics of pole-dancing technique, as well as their specific styles and what you can expect from a dancing session.

Or, you can take an online class. There are also many online classes for beginners to help you learn tips and tricks to help you learn. There’s even a free beginner’s pole dancing class at the Seattle Center. If you live in Seattle, I highly recommend them, as I did.

I’m interested in learning pole-dancing, but haven’t made any progress in my studies or my pole-dance skills. How do I go about finding a good pole-dancing instructor?

Practice pole dancing anywhere, anytime. Ask around in the area first. I don’t know of any classes where you can choose the school that best matches your skills as you progress. You’ll find a pole-dance class in almost every town you visit.

When you’re ready, I recommend you try the first class offered in your area and if that doesn’t work, try one of the other classes offered in your particular town. They all have different styles and they all will give you the most benefit if you pursue this as a career.

It’s important to be sure that you’ve mastered the moves and basic movements in order to do any pole dance routine. Some schools take the time to show you some pole specific moves and explain the concepts and how to be successful. If you don’t have this experience yet, you need to get started in order to make sure you can do all the moves and have full control.

I’m trying to work up to learning pole, but I’m not sure where to even start. Where do I start?

Before beginning, be sure you have a good grasp of the pole-dance basics, or you may never get to that goal. Here’s a list of some of the steps required at a pole-dance studio:

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Equipment Selection

Equipment selection is the key to success at any pole-dance studio. This involves the pole

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