What should a beginner wear to pole dancing? – Miss Pole Dance

A beginner should be wearing something which fits his/her body, is comfortable and does not restrict his/her movements, or that is the opposite of a standard pole dance outfit. It is the responsibility of all of the students when they begin a class (and all adults) to find a balance between keeping the balance of physical activity and not being overly restrictive as well as being relaxed and in control. This may not always be possible for beginners since the pole dance environment can sometimes be quite intimidating to new dancers. It is also the responsibility of all teachers and instructors to ensure that the instructors/teachers are not too strict on what new dancers should wear, because it can make it difficult and frustrating if a pole dancer has to change the outfit too often. We would like to remind new dancers to be open to change, especially if they have a lot of personal problems to overcome. Pole dancing does not always have to be a competitive sport, it is also a very friendly activity that can be taken by everyone regardless if they are dancers, gymnasts or not.

Q. Can I change outfits in the middle of a class?

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A. Yes, a beginner can change outfits during a class. The best advice would be to ask the instructor first. But keep in mind that if the instructor teaches a new dancer they might want her to leave out what she is wearing with a few classes in. This way, if there are any complaints the Instructor has about what the new dancer has been wearing, she can be asked to change it, but it may mean you have to change at least several classes (if you have to change all at once). In general, the most important thing to remember, is to never be too strict with what you have been told and to make sure that once the dance begins the instructor is a good listener and is not asking anything you aren’t allowed to say or can’t answer.

Q. How to make friends

A. The general rule is to always have someone to talk to who you can talk to as long as you are in the same room. And always ask for a friend if you don’t think your current friend has enough friends to keep a conversation going. It is important to have a good laugh as a beginner. We suggest that all new dancers have someone who will bring a lot of interest and enthusiasm to it, so that when you feel that you are able to be your own person, it is very rewarding to feel more relaxed and on your own in all aspects of your life.

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