How difficult is pole dancing? – Miss Pole Dance

“It’s hard because you can feel someone walking up behind you,” says the performer. “It’s very important to stay warm when you pole dance. You have to make sure you stay warm, it’s hot on a pole day. You can have a cold day. Your arms are very sweaty and your head is very sweaty so you have to spend a lot of time taking care of your body after the heat.”

The Pole dancer is also exposed to sun, ice and rain. “Pole dancing has been banned in all parts of the world for many years,” says the dance instructor. “But in the last 10 years, people are dancing again and that has made me very proud.”

What’s the best way to wear your heels? “I really like to be barefoot. As soon as a pole dancer comes in, I know I’ll have to go barefoot on the pole and if you really want a lot of support at the toes and bottom, you must barefoot.” There are also many shoes, which you can wear over shoes or in layers. “If you really want to get the most out of your toes and toes, get some good shoes. But if you must wear heels, you can buy the high heels from Wal-Mart,” says the dancer.

What do I wear for the pole dance? “I normally wear a top, a red-hot top or long-sleeve T-shirt, a pair of jeans at the ankle and the top underneath my bra and long-sleeved top and a pair of shorts and a flip-flop. I always have the flip-flop and long pants at the bottom of the pole.” This is the most recommended way of wearing your body because it keeps you cool, gives you the best support and is the most comfortable. The dancer then tries to match the top to give it the most coverage she can.

What do I do when my pole dance partner is taking my shoes off too easily? You’ll probably need to leave them off and cover them up with a shirt before you leave the pole.

“You can’t just take your shoes off,” says the dancer. “You have to do it properly. You have to cover everything up. You have to be careful, because sometimes the air gets under your feet and is getting in there.

What’s the best pole dance shoes? “I’ve been wearing the ones you find at a shoe department,” says the dancer. “They are pretty good

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