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It’s been more than a month since Donald Trump was elected president, but the GOP is still struggling to find a messaging strategy for the new administration. And as the Washington Post reports, the Republican establishment still hasn’t figured this out.

The media is getting more desperate in their search for Trump talking points, but it’s the GOP faithful who are getting the short end of the stick, and it may be getting to the point where there will be an uprising against the GOP brass if they don’t figure out a way to present Trump in a more positive light.

As the Post reports, many are now wondering why their party won’t be better at communicating the president’s message. The Post’s Jonathan Capehart points out that “there’s been confusion among GOP establishment figures about how to explain what he achieved.”

“They aren’t sure if what they’re doing is appropriate,” one former Trump staffer told Capehart. “And if it’s not appropriate, they are struggling to explain why.”
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Another former top Trump adviser called the party’s messaging “disgusting and disorganized.”

Another former top GOP operative told the Post that the party has “given up on doing things that matter—like running the government or fighting the media.” Even the RNC itself seems to have abandoned the strategy of talking up the president and instead focusing on winning the election.

Here’s a few of the GOP talking points that have been floating around about how best to communicate the incoming Trump administration to the public (spotted by The Daily Beast):

1) The party is so desperate for a messaging boost that it’s willing to go to any length to distract people from the party’s failures, particularly when those failures are destroying the country.

That’s right. The party is willing to literally go to any length to distract from its mistakes, especially when those errors threaten the nation’s safety and well-being. As the Post reports:

“It’s hard to find in recent weeks a single moment when Republican officials said that the party’s message to voters was positive and accurate. The party isn’t trying,” said an aide, who like others declined to be named because the Trump transition team hasn’t officially been set up yet. “There’s just so much chaos and chaos,” the aide said, using an expression often used in these kinds of crises.

“The party’s been in disarray this entire time,” the aide said, pointing to the chaos following Trump’s election as the reason Republican

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