Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Pole Dancing Classes Detroit Area Weather

– I never dance pole topless, but I would feel the same if I did! I think a lot of strippers have a ‘piercing’ attitude to their bodies or are afraid their nipples will be noticed even before a pole dance. But I have friends and friends of friends who’ve been strippers and they still have great nipples which is a fantastic sensation.

– Can people strip by a swimming pool?

– I think so, but I don’t imagine you’d see us strip by the pool all the time. We do try to get out by certain areas of the UK, but not everywhere.

– Who has the most number of pole girls?

– I think I have a special place in my heart for a lot of ladies who have done pole dancing, but I would say that of everybody who has been in the industry, there are maybe half of the total amount of pole girls who have actually been in the industry. In fact, I’d say that a pole dancer’s career in the entertainment world is about getting to that magical number of women who have already been in pole dancing who are willing to go out and do this. Once they do that, then I think it’s hard to change them. I think you have to work hard at it. There are some women who have taken more hard work than others, I’ve met a lot of women who have had a lot of time and energy put into making their bodies look even sexier or more curvaceous, but they don’t have that level of commitment to doing pole for a long period of time unless they choose it. As they get older and get into their 40s, they start to change and start to have more energy for other things. Then when they’re done pole, my point is that all you have to do is give a pole dancer an opportunity!

– What’s the most intense job someone can do during pole dancing?

– It’s hard to give too many answers because I’ve never been there… so I’d have to say it’s more intense than any job I’ve ever been given. If you want someone to do a job as intense as pole dancing, I’d say it would be a ballet dancer, because they have to work with their body as much and that’s so important to the performers and to get them to go out here and make themselves look like someone. I’d say that the pole dancer is in a similar position with a ballet dancer if they are doing pole to

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