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In the weeks since I wrote this last week, I’ve read a few articles about the issue. I still don’t know enough about it, and I need to go back and edit this post to try to make as much sense as possible. But I can say for sure, the answer (at least as it currently stands) is: nobody. As for why is the decision being made and who doesn’t know, that would be some people who have worked for the company, a few of the managers, some of the lawyers, and a couple of some people at the company. (Not many by any means.) But the bottom line, based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve read – and, as far as I’m concerned, are being told – is that it’s a business decision, made under pressure of legal requirements of confidentiality to avoid embarrassing or embarrassing a company, or to minimize the harm caused by the behavior or statements regarding child sex abuse.

I’m happy to admit that there have been times I have made a mistake. I’ve said inappropriate things to a co-worker, made a few jokes with a co-worker, and I’ve made a few other unkind things, but most of the time, I’ve done the right thing, and apologized, I’ve not made a mistake, and I have learned from the experience. There have been times, for instance, this week, when I was going to go to the airport with a co-worker from another city to work on a company trip. My co-worker said the plane was booked, and that we probably weren’t going to see each other that night, and that if I didn’t see him I was going to get in some trouble. (We’ve only been friends for the past eight months.) I thought to myself “Wow! That must be awkward for her. I’m going to get in trouble if I didn’t. I’ve done nothing wrong, and she’s going to lose a great friend by not seeing me.” And then I went to the airport the next day and I didn’t see her. The whole time that I was there, I was thinking “Well, it’s the right thing to do, because if anything happens, I will apologize. I have no reason to lie to her.” And I didn’t lie. (See more in my blog post about how to avoid a mistake.) If I could go back and do it over, I would have never taken her out to dinner.

But even then

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