What do pole dancers do? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

They dance and they love it!

I never have a problem with the fact that you have no idea about how they do what they do. I would love to tell you. I love to be able to look up and see the world from your viewpoint. It’s my job to help people understand and to share their experiences and experiences with others on how to go about getting there, how to go to the next level, and how to be great in whatever you do. I have two different sides. Both are what I’m trying to achieve, and one of those things is to help people grow.

You might not look at me and think “what a dumb piece of shit!” You know what? I love that! The idea that you have any preconceived ideas or the idea that I’m a complete idiot is really frustrating, because when I first started pole dancing, I was so focused on what I think of as dancing, and the fact that you’re asking me, “what is pole dancing?” is just dumb. I see pole dancing going on for a long time, people trying to do it the most creative way. And you’re asking, “what are you doing wrong?” I’m here to help you. Are you doing that? Or are you just trying to talk to me and do your thing?

What about you? Do you dance? Did you ever get into pole dancing in college as a solo thing or as a group thing?

I didn’t dance as much as some people, but I had a friend who really did a great job of introducing me to the arts in my college campus. She was amazing. I saw a lot of what was going on, how people were growing their own art scene in different schools and different locations, and we were all very inspired by how she took it forward and had this amazing platform that allowed you to connect to different people around the world who were doing similar things.

UCLA alumni climb to top of pole dancing competition - Daily Bruin
In the beginning, it wasn’t me, even more than it is now. The idea of just talking to others on this kind of level is a very liberating concept. I think you’re so lucky that you have a community like that. You’re all together trying to be great. I think it’s a great community, and I think you do the best work you can.


A quick note: I am posting this as a public service – I have been working out with a coach recently, and he and I just have the perfect combination of personalities

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